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Lets support the tourism industry

28 January 2014

TOURISM is a growing industry. As more people are traveling and trying to discover something simple, special and unique its important that Solomon Islands must take advantage of the opportunity.

This is because we have a lot to offer when it comes to cultures, natural beauties and history.

Solomon Islands is rich in terms of natural resources as well as the beautiful islands and scenery.

Historically, Solomon Islands is a fighting zone during the second world war so there is so much to offer for people who are keen to learn about the war.

There are many untapped paradise still hiding out there which needs to be exposed.

However, these places need to be connected to the outside world through online marketing and infrastructures like reliable transport system, communication, wharves, airport and banking services.

The country has a potential to develop and that must be realised by the government.

Another factor worth noted is that, the industry is fully supported and operated by the private sector.
And therefore more support through resources, finance and technical must be rendered by the government and aid donors.

Government and the country should not expect our struggling private tourism operators to improve the country’s tourism if there is very little help coming from their end.

The continuous support from the government is what our many tourism operators and service providers are longing for.

Given the dwindling rate of our natural resources through large scale commercial logging and mining, the future of this country now rests on tourism and few other industries like agriculture.

Thus, government should step into support the establishment of more rural growth centres, build more infrastructures, support the airlines and shipping industries and our local tourism operators.

The success won’t happen overnight, but the country should now realise that the future of this country may rely heavily on tourism.

The appointment of the new Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) chief executive officer (CEO) Josefa Tuamoto who is from Fiji is a step in the right direction for the country in its quest to push for tourism expansion in the country.

The Fijian has a wealth of experience when it comes to tourism and the nation is so privilege to have him on board. The SIVB board should be commended for making a right choice.

Fiji has a lot of success story in tourism. So lets learn from the new SIVB CEO and support him during his tenure here.

Another boost for the country was opening of the new tourism school yesterday. It came at a right time for the nation as it tries to provide professional training for its local students who wish to pursue tourism and hospitality.

Having our own tourism school would allow more Solomon Islanders to access professional training.

In that way, most of the people who are working in our hotels, motels, resorts, lodge and rest house will be qualified.

Having a qualified team of professional people on the job will boost the industry.

And in that way, we can get more visitors both new and returning ones because of the service our people are able to offer during their (tourists) stay this year.

This year, about 15 cruise boats are expected to visit our shores. They will visit various parts of the country especially in the provinces.

Therefore its important to develop our rural communities with the provision of basic infrastructures and services.

While the road to success may not come cheap and fast, we must start somehow, slowly and build it up.

Together, the journey can be accomplished.