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Go there and register to vote

09 March 2014

The Biometric Voter Registration starts tomorrow and continues for the next 40 days.

We encourage every eligible voter to go to the nearest centre and register.

It is important you do so.

Not only because it is your right, but more so because if you fail to register, you will not be eligible to vote in this year’s national elections.

We all know the significance of elections.

It is a time, which comes only after every four years, that we get the chance to choose our political leaders.

But we can only take part in that process if our name is on the voter registry.

Those whose names don’t appear on the registry cannot vote on polling day.

That bit must be well understood.

The biometric voter registration system is a new technology that allows enrolling and identifying of voters quickly and accurately.

It was designed to avoid double registration, lessen corruption, and give us a credible election result.

The nation-wide registration process will go on for 40 days.

When it’s closed, we may not have the chance again to register and to participate in this year’s election.

This is why it’s important that all eligible Solomon Islanders must ensure they register to vote.

Our beloved nation needs good and credible leaders to run its affairs.

If you want better leaders for our country, you must register so that we could join hands to elect the kind of leaders our nation needs.