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Take heed of weather information

14 January 2014

The cyclone season is now up on us. And so we can expect more rain, strong wind and rough seas.

The weather office has issued warnings to the public especially those traveling by boat in open waters and those living by the river banks.

Currently a tropical cyclone is affecting Tonga. Its impact is slowly experienced here with strong wind, high swells, rough seas and heavy rain.

This means areas in the low lying areas  they will be affected with rising waters and flooding.

Out in the sea, wind and seas will be rough at times.

With people now slowly returning from the provinces after enjoying their holiday break in their villages, its important to take precautionary measures.

We don’t want to see outboard motors capsizing, people being washed away by flood and homes destroyed.

Therefore always listen to advice from our weather expert.

The weather office yesterday warned of more rains in the coming days with strong winds associated with the bad weather  in the eastern part of the country.

Since the weekend, the country continues to experience heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas.

And during this wet weather its important that parents must also advice their children from playing outside in the rain beside creeks, seaside and rivers.

Spending too much time outside can lead to sickness like pneumonia, flu, running nose and other sickness associated with wet condition.

During bad weather water can also be muddy and dirty so its important to boil your water if you are drinking from the main taps.

Its important to continue listen out to weather information through the media during these times because our weather can change any time.

Lets not risk ourselves during these bad weather period.