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Let’s avoid last year’s failures

11 January 2014

WE know too well some of the drama that happened last year.

One of the issues that affected everyone including children, youths, parents and families was the teachers’ industrial strike action.

That particular impasse greatly affected school children. A good portion of the academic year was useless.

It can’t be wrong, some students who deserve places in other schools this year will be denied due to that academic black-out.

Another issue under the same folder was the delay in paying up tertiary students’ allowances and fees.

Government sponsored students studying at the USP, Fiji were left to suffer for weeks if not months.

It greatly affected their studies.

Solomon Islands National University (SINU) students later found themselves in the same dilemma, which unfortunately resulted in the arresting of some students for allegedly spearheading an illegal peaceful protest in the city.

Repeating these same mistakes this year would be irresponsible of the Government. You have passed the 2014 budget and those failures and mistakes should be properly accommodated this year.

Repeating the same mistakes is a clear indication of ignorance and incapability on the part of the Government.

We hope the Government has taken those issues into account and look forward to a smooth academic year.

Teachers! Keep dialoguing with the Government if you have outstanding matters still to be resolved. Please spare our children’s education from harm.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

To students! Concentrate and keep pressing forward, stay positive, and work hard. You can’t discover your potential if you don’t push yourself to succeed, learn, and achieve.

To the National Government! Do not lose hold of your responsibilities. For if you do, NCRA may still exist but have ceased to live.