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A fine gift from NZ

22 August 2013

THE country took delivery of a fine gift from the New Zealand Government last week.

This was in the form of the newly upgraded Munda Airport and the Gizo-Noro paved road in Western Province.

Nusatupe Airport near Gizo, which is currently being upgraded, also comes under this project.

In all, the New Zealand Government donated almost SBD$140 million for the three projects.

Munda was meant to be the country’s second international airport besides Henderson in Honiara.

Indeed, its run-away was built to international standard. This means international flights can land in Munda.

But the airport is yet to achieve its “international airport” status.

It still needs a terminal building, an aviation control tower, and a fence.

Under the Munda Airport Project, all these will be built by the national government.

New Zealand is only responsible for the runway, plus the Munda-Noro road, and Nusatupe Airport.

The nation owes the New Zealand government and its people, a big thank you.

And today, we say thank you to the New Zealand Government.

Now the nation waits on its government to live up to its side of the bargain.

That is to quickly build the fence, terminal building, and the control tower. These are important for Munda to achieve its international airport status.

It’s understood Taiwan last December donated $6.6 million to the government for the Munda Airport upgrading project.

Let’s hope the money is still there for the government to use build the remaining infrastructures.

It would not be good enough for the government to delay these infrastructures because it has not allocated funds for their construction.

The nation deserves a second international airport and the national government must ensure this Munda gets that status sooner, rather than later.