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Congratulations to Our Telekom

23 July 2013

Sunday marked the 25th years since Our Telekom started off as a company on July 21st 1988.

Being the only telecommunication provider until 2009, the company has come along way in providing  telecommunication to the people of Solomon Islands.

This services comes in the form of landline, mobile phone, internet, fax and other communication services.

Telecommunication is very important for any country because it contributes to business growth and the development of any country.

It also allows family members far and near to keep in touch with each other.

Our Telekom has grown to be a company that is now partly owned by the people of Solomon Islands through the Solomon Island National Provident Fund (SINPF).

Although its monopoly market had ceased in 2009, Telekom continues to work hard, invest more in infrastructures and provide quality service to the people of this country.

Today more rural areas are able to communicate 24-7 thanks to a mobile tower nearest to them.

While these investments does not come cheap it showed Our Telekom's commitment to this nation. And for sure customers have continued to enjoy most of the services it had offered despite having its own hiccups.

Customers have also played a part in the ongoing operations of this company because without their (customers) continous support Our Telekom would not have come this far.

Our Telekom staff and their families deserved to be praised for their commitment to ensure customers continue to enjoy the service both at day and night.

The company's chief executive Loyley Ngira at the celebration yesterday highlighted the next 25 years would challenging for the company.

And because of that, customers' support to the company must continue to ensure this country is able to cope with the latest telecommunication technologies that is evolving every now and then.

Once again congratulations and happy celebrations.