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A dirty city

14 June 2013

NUMEROUS efforts to clean up the capital city have got us to nowhere.

Honiara remains a dirty city!

The recent trend in the way Honiara looks is this.

At night, the streets look beautiful and attractive.

That’s after the night workers cleaned and swept away the dirt that littered the streets and drains the day before.

But as dawn breaks and people started pouring in onto our streets again, the face of the city started to change too.

From the beauty seen overnight, it got uglier that by the end of the day, we are back to square one again – a street filled up with litters.

The Honiara City Council has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in their campaign to keep the city clean.

But this too has got us nowhere.

An official from the Honiara City Council who spoke to this paper this week was right.

If we cannot change our attitude, Honiara will remain a dirty place.

Can you believe that some people throw away plastics, cans, papers and other dirt on the streets as though this is normal?

That’s the bad attitude this official was referring to.

Honiara is our home. It is where we live and do business.

We all should be taking responsibility in looking after it.

The least each of us could do to help the city council keep the city clean is to put our rubbish in the right place.

When you are on the streets, there are bins there for you to dispose your trash.

You’re making the job difficult for the city council and the men and women who woke all night to remove the trash left on our streets, when you carelessly threw rubbish around.

People should come out a see the streets of Honiara at night. They looked beautiful and inviting.

That’s after the night workers removed all the dirt.

If we could maintain that level of cleanliness, Honiara would be a city that we could all be proud of.

Can we change our attitude?