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Please, end the strike

09 April 2013

THE second teachers’ strike has entered its third week.

We still don’t know how soon this will end.

The Government has warned teachers to resume duty or face disciplinary action.

Teachers in Honiara met over this threat yesterday. They refused to back down and instead blamed Government’s ignorance for the situation.

Except for a few church and private schools, most schools in the country remained closed.

Did we realise what we’ve done to a whole generation of Solomon Islanders?

Yes, we have denied them their education. They’ve missed two weeks of education at the beginning of the year.

They are now missing another two weeks. That’s just simply unacceptable.

No, this strike must not be allowed for another week.

Teachers, Government listen, as we repeat: This strike must not be allowed for another week.

It must either end today of by the week’s end.

Teachers, Government listen: You have a golden chance before you today.

You’ve both agreed to meet.

This is a crucial meeting, NOT just another meeting.

Parents, students, and the nation will be listening out today.

They expect you to sit down and seriously consider the plight of many of our children who are affected by this strike.

They expect you to be accommodating to each other’s suggestions and proposals.

They want to hear an end to this national tragedy.