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Fellowship for our public officers

08 November 2012

FOR the first time in the history of this country the government was able to organise a church fellowship program for its public officers.

The country had seen the public officers engaging in social activities such as the inter-ministry league where public officers came together to compete in sporting activities. This is to address some of their social aspects in life.

On the spiritual side, there was no programs being organised over the years.

And on Sunday the country witnessed Honiara-based public servants converging into Maranatha Hall, East Honiara for the first ever spiritual fellowship program.

It was hail a success.

The program was broadcasted live over the SIBC radio which enabled provincial based government officers to listen to the program, the songs and the message.

The theme for the spiritual celebration was timely because the country needs revival and reformation.

As a christian country the vision to organise such a spiritual gathering is no doubt a perfect move by the government.

The message is clear the country and its public officers deserve such spiritual uplifting program.

Such a program has enabled the public officers to forget work and come together as a family to fellowship, sing, share testimony and pray together.

Though its just a start most of the officers have acknowledged the program.

The powerful message that was delivered by the preacher of the hour Pr Titus Rore should be a message to all the officers within the government because they are there in the ministry with a purpose and that is to serve this nation diligently.

Government services that most of us enjoy daily are supported by public officers and their commitment and dedication in their work is important.

With this spiritual program now an annual one, we hope more officers will join next year.

Not only that but those from the provinces can also be part of it.

Those who are behind the program should also be commended at this juncture.

Whatever improvements that needs to be done should also be taken note of for the next one.