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Threats from guns still remains

16 October 2012

The incident on Sunday which involved the alleged shooting of an Asian logger near Geza village, North East Guadalcanal sends a message.

It means there are still guns out there in the hands of some people who are secretly hiding it in their possession. 

When RAMSI arrived here just after the ethnic crisis, one of its first tasks was to get rid of the guns, be it high powered ones or home made.

It was an exercise welcomed by many communities, mothers, children and the people of this nation.

The country had somewhat ruled by people in possession of arms back then and that was a scary experience for our young children, mothers and the business people.

The presence of guns poses a security scare to the lives of many people and that experience has affected many lives.

While the country has seen so many honest people coming forward to surrender and lay down their arms which were later destroyed there are few dishonest people who have decided to hold on to the guns for reasons only known to them.

Sunday's incident will bring fear to people and community of Geza and the surrounding areas.

The times when guns moved freely in our communities and used them are over.

The country is going through a recovery process from the impact of the social and economic problem.

Thus we should not entertain people who are still holding on to guns. Such a practise should be discouraged.

The police are now hunting for the unidentified gunman and we hope that he will be apprehended soon to face the full brunt of the law.

The community and people within the area must assist the police with information.

Lets work together to get rid of guns that are still out there in the hands of people we know.