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Royal visit is next

13 August 2012

The Festival of Pacific Arts has gone.

The 70th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal has just ended.

These two international events brought a lot of visitors to our shores.

Now we look forward to the visit of Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine.

The royal pair are expected here on September 16 for their two day visit.

We expect a huge delegation, including a pack from Britain’s powerful media, to accompany the prince and his wife.

Honiara has been enjoying a general state of cleanliness since the arts festival.

Let’s continue to look after our city as we prepare to receive William and Kate.

Small things like picking a piece of plastic or paper on the streets and disposing them off in the rubbish bins will go a long way towards a clean and beautiful Honiara.

To betel nut chewers, watch where you spit.

We certainly do not want to see our paved streets, shop fronts, and office grounds turn red.

 Respect public facilities and take ownership of our city.

Honiara is where we all belong irrespective of where one comes from.

The momentum of cleanliness is already here.

Let’s maintain it and make Honiara a cleaner and safer place to live.