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Final week, final touches lets get ready for the show

25 June 2012

COME this Sunday - 1st July, its history in the making for the country as the much awaited and talked about 11th festival of pacific arts (FOPA) will kick off with a bang.

Its the show that Solomon Islands has been dreaming about since it was announced to host the show some eight years ago.

In 2008 the decision was formally conveyed to the Solomon Islands delegation attending the festival of arts in Pago Pago, American Samoa.

Four years later the show has now hit our shores.

And its just a matter of six days, this show will brace our shores.

As we start welcoming our guests today, the excitement to host this event is just overwhelming.

More than 20 regional countries are coming over.

The first two countries this morning and its going to be a busy and exciting time for the country to showcase our culture.

With the influx of our visitors from overseas we must also make them feel at home and show them our true hospitality when welcoming them onto our shores.

No doubt Honiara city is excited to stage this biggest cultural show in this region.

For the country, its the first time to host such a show.

Alot of money, time, planning and effort have been put towards the preparation and hosting of this show.

Thus, we must not disappoint or let our visitors down.

We must make this event a memorable one for them so that when they return to their countries, they will bring with them fond memories of the show and how we look after them.

Hosting this show successfully, will mean Honiara can have the opportunity to host future events like this.

As we enter the final moments of our count down to the official launch of the show, each and everyone of us must now take pride of the show and lets get prepared for it.

Individuals, businesses and companies must see this event as very important for the country and themselves.

With this final week, final touches should be made to whatever work that needs to be done.

Therefore at whatever level you are operating, we must all support the final preparation towards the hosting of this event.

Its good to see the city going through a lot of facelift over the past weeks and days.

The shop-owners in the heart of the city should also be acknowledged for their work in repainting their shop fronts as part of facelifting the city.

This is a good initiative from all the Chinese shop-owners for supporting the show.

Acknowledged should also be made to the Honiara city council, Solo Enviro Beautification (SEB), Rapid Employment Project, Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) and the many private road contractors.

Your contribution towards the preparation shows everyone are just excited to support the hosting of the show.

The show is something we should be all proud of and so come Sunday lets kick off the show on a high note.

In the main time we must thanked all those who have supported the preparation effort especially to our government for being the major sponsor, not forgetting other corporate sponsors and donor partners who also showed support. Thank you indeed.

And all the best in the hosting of this festival.