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A lesson for all vendors

30 July 2015

THE Magistrate Court yesterday handed down a 30 days imprisonment sentence for a female betelnut vendor after she continues to disobey the Honiara City Council laws by doing business along the streets of Honiara by selling betel nut and cigarettes.

This was in relation to breaching the Council’s ordinances and illegally selling betelnut at the Point Cruz area.

The vendor has been warned and arrested a number of times but fail to listen and learn her lesson by continuing to sell along the streets of Honiara.

Her latest arrest has resulted in Courts sending her to jail where she will be spending a month there.

HCC Prosecutor, Matthew Taro following the sentencing said, this latest court action should serve as a warning to every vendor.

It means that all vendors must learn to listen and comply with the ordinances of the Council to avoid fine, arrests and charges.

The Court is also taking tougher actions to penalised those breaking the Council’s laws.

To those who continue defy the City Council law by evading the Law Enforcement Officers during their daily patrol along the streets of Honiara, one day the law will catch up with you.

Therefore its always best to do the right thing and go to the right place to sell your products. Selling betel nut and cigarettes in the hearts of city along the streets should not be entertained.

We all know the officers are trying its best to enforce the Council’s ordinances and the public must be cooperative.

Lets continue to support the Council and transform this city to a dirty-free zone especially within the main central business district.