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Support for Bonitos preparation

19 June 2012

Following the successful hosting of the OFC nations cup in Honiara fortnight ago our national team - Bonitos received so much criticism for their defeat and coming fourth in the tournament.

However they have qualified for the next stage of the world qualifying stage which will be held in September.

And that is still a good news for the country because they still have the chance to do better come the home and away matches.

The qualifying stage will kick off in September and this would be an exciting time for the country to host some of the top teams at Lawson Tama again.

With the nations cup now over, its time for the country and the team to concentrate on the next stage.

Over the past days and week there have been criticism in the media and social network facebook over the performance of team and SIFF administration.

But we should learn from our past and move on. These criticisms should be a learning curve of our team.

To get the preparation going the team through SIFF is appealing for support.

As highlighted by the technical advisor Laurent Papillon the team has another opportunity to prove itself for a place at the 2014 world cup in Brazil.

But the preparation for next stage does not come cheap because it involves alot of money.

SIFF yesterday revealed that between $3-$5million would be needed to get the boys prepared for the qualifying stages.

Its alot of money which the team and SIFF are requesting.

Thus, the support from everyone is important.

For the love of the game and being the number sport in the country everyone should continue to support despite the negative results and criticisms.

No doubt there is still hope for the team.

With the support of Papillon and the coaching team, the national team can still do well.

And to the players selected they should also be proud of themselves for wearing their country’s jersey.

Thus they should behave professionally off and on the field.

For now lets leave the past behind and support the boys in their next stage of preparation.