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Good work FSII

18 June 2012

ITS good to see a group coming out to help support our National Referral Hospital (NRH) over the weekend.

The Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) spent Friday and Saturday to renovate the children's ward.

Such a kind gesture is what the country needs from everyone.

As a country which continues to struggle financially to provide and support better health services, such a voluntary work is commendable.

FSII is made up members who joined the common Facebook (BF) social forum.They are mainly locals living in the country and abroad.

Every day they raised issues, debate and comment over them while trying to find solutions to these problems.

And one of the issues being raised recently was the state of our children's ward.

Its in a dire need but lack of funds is a set back.

But through the support from the members and other businesses, the group was able to raise enough funds and put to action what they have been discussing through this internet forum.

The work by the team shows how effective this group is and the seriousness they have for our hospital.

And its good to see such group of people with vision coming out to help and contribute to our health system.

The result from their work over the weekend has been applauded.

The renovation work means children being admitted at the children's ward can now enjoy a more enjoyable environment than in the past.

The message this group is now sending to everyone is; We should not just sit, talk and criticise but rather speak with action."

Whatever opportunity we have we must work together to support the services which are of importance to this country. And health if one of them.

What FSII had done shows networking is effective no matter where you are.

What has been done is complimenting the work of the NRH management or ministry of health, who are the one responsible to look after our hospital.

Thus, FSII members its a job well done and thank you very much.

Its a challenge for everyone, groups, churches, NGOs, businesses, companies and the government ministries to help our hospital one way or another.

It would be good to see other organisations to come out in force to support such a cause.