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Lets support the festival preparation

13 June 2012

We are just less than 17 days or less than three weeks before the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts kicks off in Honiara come - July 1st.

It means time is ticking and the excitement is growing.

This festival is something every one had been looking forward to.

Alot of money had been pumped in and and alot of preparations have been done.

This is the biggest cultural show ever to be hosted in this country.

More than 25 countries are expected to converge into Honiara and the satellite venues at Doma, Tulagi, Auki and Gizo for the two week show.

Some 3000 guests, visitors, performers, artists and designers are sure to brace our shores starting at the end of this month.

Never has this country experienced such high number of visitors as well as hosting such a big show.

Its sure to be an exciting time for the country.

Despite the many challenges being faced by the organisers, the important thing is to render much needed support towards the festival in this final moment.

This show is about us - Solomon Islanders, showing our country and its culture to the regional countries.

Many of them may have heard very little about us and our cultures but this event is the ideal time for them to see and witness firsthand our cultures.

Its an opportune time to showcase the unique and diverse cultural groupings we have.

We should be proud of our culture and the privilege to share with them.

Hosting such an event also provides greater benefits to everyone.

Government had been struggling providing funds to the organising committee.

Why not other private companies and organisations.

There are commercial companies who have showed commitment to support this event.

We should acknowledge them for their recognition.

The chairlady, Doreen Kuper had appealed to the nation to rally behind her team to get this festival going.

Theres no turning back now. The country must move on to get this event going first.

What issues related to the use of fund should be best left with the relevant authorities to deal with.

For now each and every one of us must take ownership of the festival.

This show is sure to be the best ever.

And its something to be proud of when participants returned to their home country with a long lasting memory of this festival.

That is our hope. The success of the show will determine our future chance of hosting similar event again.

Thus, together we can make a difference come next month.