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Young smokers, a scary trend

01 June 2012

ITS startling and disappointing to learn that  Solomon Islands has one of the highest rates in the world in terms of youths taking up smoking at an early age.

Thats according a 2008 steps survey on non communicable diseases (NCD) risk factors and Global Youth Tobacco survey (GYTS).

The survey found that smoking rate of Solomon Islands is 2.5% more than the average global youth rate.

This is very scary and should be a national concern for this country, its people and the government.

It points to the fact that more and more young people are taking up smoking at an early age than in the past.

The report highlighted Solomon Islands surpassed the global average youth smoking rate of 1 in 10 students to 4 in 10 students.

This again is the most disappointing news for the country.

Like the health minister Charles Sigoto said if this is the path this country would like to take then our young population is facing a greater risk because their health will be affected.

As a country we are fighting a global epidemic which is killing millions of people.

In the country more youths even young students are taking up smoking, drugs, betel nut and alcohol.

You see them every where. May be because they wanna be somebody or they have been influenced.

Its a concern for many schools because despite there are rules, they have been ignored time and time again.

With the increasing pressure from their peers, youths tend to quickly fall in the trap and engaged in unwanted social activities such as smoking. 

Thus, this government, ministry, school administration, churches and youth group must and ensure this trend has to stop.

With the passing of the 2010 Tobacco Control Act just yesterday it is a step in the right direction.

Its important that smokers must take heed of the law and comply with it.

Smoking had caused death and diseases such as chronic lung diseases, lung cancer, strokes, hypertension, myocardial infarcts, Raynaud’s diseases and a host of other terrible diseases.

As such to see young people taking up smoking at the early age is very sad because they are cutting their life span short.

If you want to live long and enjoy a healthy life then avoid smoking today for the good of your health, family and the nation.