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Sabotaging the water source

19 October 2015

FOR the past weeks the city had been going through water shortage.

Many residents thought it was a direct impact of the El Nino.

However, the city continue to experience rainfall at times, yet water cut becomes frequent.

Not until an investigation was conducted by a team from Solomon Water on Sunday which uncovered an act of sabotage being done to one of the main sink holes further up at Kongulai water source.

Solomon Water believes that a group of landowners’ up-stream from the Kongulai water source illegally shut off the Kovi sinkhole.

This was in protest over a court ruling earlier this year which denied them from receiving payment for the use of water.

Because of this, some of them have decided to punish city residents by blocking one of the sink holes.

Too bad many families and businesses have been affected by such an act. Under the SIWA Act its an offence to interfere with the water supply.

Solomon Water officers found out that the intake point had been blocked with rocks.

Now that the problem had been identified, the next task is to get some people to dive into the source and try and remove the rocks which have been placed to block off the source.

For now, parts of the city which relied on Kongulai will continue to experience water shortage.

Solomon Water is doing all it can to have this matter resolved.

However, investigation must proceed to find out who is behind this, so that they can face justice for causing so much inconvenience to many homes.

The current water crisis is already affecting schools, health centres and businesses.

Therefore something must be done to resolve the situation now and also to address this problem from not happening any more in the future.