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Be calm, it’s business as usual

29 October 2015

THE FATE of a no-confidence motion tabled against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare lies with a High Court ruling expected this morning.

The motion, to be moved by Opposition leader Jeremiah Manele, is scheduled for today’s parliament sitting.

But the Government, through its political party membership, is challenging in court the Speaker of Parliament’s decision to accept the motion.

Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer heard the matter yesterday.

He will make his ruling 9am today.

The High Court decision will determine whether the no-confidence vote will be debated or not.

Mr Manele earlier stated he will move the motion even if he does not have the numbers to support it.

The police, on the other hand, have set in place security measures ahead of the vote.

They’ve imposed a liquor ban, which became effective as of Thursday midnight. The ban will continue to be in place until midnight tonight.

Honiara’s central market will also be closed today.

These are part of a major security police operation put in place to counter any unrests that may arise from today’s vote.

We don’t expect today’s vote, if it goes ahead, will bring any troubles as were the experiences of past motions of no-confidence.

The Democratic Coalition for Change Government (DCCG), under Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s leadership, has got the numbers to defeat the motion.

So we don’t expect any change of government or leadership today, unless something extraordinary happens overnight.

Mr Manele and his Opposition bench have decided to get the motion on the floor of parliament because they’ve already lodged it and accepted by the Speaker.

If anything, the motion offers them the opportunity to question the government over its actions and dealings in the last nine months.

It is a responsible and democratic way of taking the government to account for the decisions it made.

The public should not be panic.

Those intent of taking advantage of the situation to cause trouble must rethink their plans.

Youths should not allow themselves to be used by leaders or people whose only motive is to cause trouble.

Today’s vote, should it go ahead, must be left to our elected leaders to handle and decide on it.

We’ve had enough of political-related troubles.

They brought us nothing, except taking our beloved country 10 steps backward.

Let’s not repeat that again.

We have better things to do to take our country forward than resorting to violence.

Life and business should go on as usual today!