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Visible presence of police must be commended

27 December 2015

LAST week leading up to the Christmas Day, Honiara city was very much busy with people rushing here and there conducting their last minute shopping before heading to the provinces by boat for their holiday.

Along the streets, shops, market area, and wharves people were everywhere.

Its the time of the year, when people are so excited because they are excited to head home to spend their Christmas and New Year break.

So the movement of people was very high.

Apart from the people the flow of traffic has been an issue as well. There were long queues of vehicles coming into the main part of the city and into the Point Cruz wharf area.

However, the visible presence of our Police Officers over the days leading up to the Christmas Day must be commended.

Along the roads, they have been busy controlling the flow of traffic. This had ensured there is continuous flow along the roads.

Along the streets and along the shops and even at the Honiara central market, the presence of police had played an important role in allowing the public to go about do their shopping and other private businesses with out much fear.

Such high visibility presence of police is very important in such times when the city is packed with people running around to do their shopping.

The patrols allowed the public especially the mothers and children to enjoy their time walking along the streets and doing their business.

The presence of police had also ensured that drunkards and those who normally pick pocket and cause problems are no where to be seen.

No doubt, there are many people have enjoyed their shopping last week and had an enjoyable Christmas celebrations.

With the New Year celebration coming this week, its important for the police to step up their presence again by conducting daily patrols along our streets and to the communities to ensure people enjoy their celebrations.

 The public should also celebrate in a responsible manner.

In times like this, talking alcohol excessively can be very tempting and people tend to hit the road in cars driving at a high speed with the music full blast. There have been cases of road accidents related to alcohol, some reported others not.

With another celebration weekend this Friday, everyone should celebrate it in a peaceful manner.

In the meantime, lets thank our Police for their great work being done this year and lets hope they will continue to do a good job next year.