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They deserve our gratitude and acknowledgment

05 January 2016

NO doubt everyone is recovering from days and weeks of celebrations from the Christmas and New Year period.

We are now five days into 2016 and soon most business activities and educational institutions will kick back into action.

But first, the city residents must be commended for their behavior over the festive season.

Police has recorded low incidents involving vehicles and disturbances around the communities.

There were only minor incidents in our communities during the Christmas and New Year period but there were no major ones.

Honiara city police described the last celebrations as the best ever because many people have behaved well.

Its a welcoming news for this city, our people and our visitors.

It goes to show that people have celebrated responsibly and with respect. So generally city residents have really enjoyed their celebrations by going to the beaches, night clubs and attending Church activities. There were private functions being held.

Therefore, there are people who deserve our deep gratitude for making this happen.

Firstly our police officers must be acknowledged for their tireless effort in working during the Christmas and New Year.

While many people are enjoying their celebrations during the day and night during these two events, some of our officers have  been busy by dedicating their time to maintain law and order in the city.

Most of the officers have been seen patrolling through city by the day or travel in convoy of vehicles during the night to parts of the city.

We must also acknowledge our chiefs and community leaders who are also working with the police to maintain order in their communities.

Apart from them there are others who also deserve our highest accolades as well.

To members of the corrections service, security guards, doctors, nurses, Solomon Power engineers, weather officers, sailors, airport staff, pilots, hotel staff, shop assistants, market vendors, bus drivers, taxi drivers and everyone else who could not take a day off over the Christmas and New Year, we say thank you for your service and commitment.

You have also contributed one or another to the success of the festive season celebrations.

As we journey this year, let us renew our commitment to live a happy and healthy life.

Let us try to be active and be conscious of health issues and let us aid in the fight against non-communicable diseases.

The onus really is on us as individuals to do the right thing.

You have your own resolution and you must work hard to try and achieve your goal this year.