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Lets support our tourism industry

31 January 2016

LAST Sunday for the first time this year more than 2,000 tourists on board a visiting tourist boat Sea Princess graced our shores for a day long visit.

No doubt our guests must have enjoyed their time here and we thank them for dropping by.

It was a busy day for the city, given the high number of visitors moving in and around the city by foot and in taxis and buses.

Such a visit enabled the visitors to get a glimpse of Solomon Islands especially Honiara city.

This visit also offered the local crafts men and women the opportunity to sell their products. Local transport providers such as taxis and buses were also busy and they also got the opportunity to earn extra income.

Alot of stakeholders have benefited from the visit through the money being spent while in Honiara.

Such is the benefit from such a visit and it should be encouraged.

Most of the guests are from Australia.

Following the visit, these visitors will share their experience to their family members, friends and relatives on their return.

Whether we are prepared for the visit or not, its something tourism authorities and operators must take time and reflect on, following yesterday’s visit and improve on certain areas which needed attention.

There are some issues of concern being raised yesterday.

One of them is a convenient place for the guests to relieve themselves while touring parts of the city.

This is one of the long outstanding issue which was never addressed to date.

Therefore responsible authorities must take heed and do something about it sooner than later.

The country expects more cruise boats to arrive this year and we must prepare for it.

These tourists have also spent time walking and no doubt they will also see our streets and front of the shops.

Whether these areas are clean or not, it would give them a lasting impression about this city.

Therefore its important to maintain a healthy and clean city at all times.

With more cruise boats coming, lets prepare to host more guests and promote our lifestyle, culture, people, food and the island way of hospitality to them.

To all those who have made the day successful for our guests yesterday, a very big thank you. And lets wait for the next visit.



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