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A good move to stop corruption at lands office

16 March 2016

LAND is a very important asset for this nation and many communities.

People treasure land as very important for their future livelihood.

And because of that, the demand for land everywhere remains a sensitive issue to talk and discuss.

Most disputes between individuals, families, tribes, and communities has its roots to the land.

In Honiara and the provinces, as the population continues to grow and the need to have development, the search for land is on.

So when party wants to develop a certain area of the land, there is objection and dispute happening.

As such whatever opportunities is there for people to acquire land, they will go for it.

No doubt one of the busy government ministries today is Lands, Housing and Survey.

This is because people go there wanting to find a land owned by the government in the urban centres and register it.

However,crown land is also scarce.

Thus, people continues to find ways to get a land title and so often some corrupt dealings have been done.

Its been a long time issue with very little action taken to address it.

Therefore in an effort to stamp out corruption at the Ministry the public has been urged to report any corrupt practices in the ministry.

The Ministry in a public announcement this week is calling on the general public to come forward with complaints about any officers they think may have been engaged in corrupt practices, including but not limited to request for additional cash payments to the facilitate land transaction e.g. fast –tracking fees.

The information provided will be treated with strict confidentially if requested, and all complaints will be treated very seriously and appropriate action will be taken against any officers proven to have acted outside of the law.

But make sure you provide written evidence in order for the office to take action against any of the officers.

Its a move that is long overdue, but credit must go to the Minister, his permanent secretary and lands board for taking such action.

The public must also play its part to be on the watch on any suspicious dealings between any officer and applicants.

Lets work together and stamp out corruption today.