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St John Dala Catholic school promotes cultural education

SAINT John Dala Catholic Secondary school in Malaita has continued to promote cultural education as part of student’s learning at the school.

Gizo residents unhappy with Premier’s response  

THE public in Gizo, Western Province are against proposed plans by the Western Provincial Government to harvest trees at Mile 6.

Driver in police custody over Kwaibala accident 

THE driver of the vehicle which swerved into Kwaibala River, killings its owner on Monday night is now in police custody.

Auki shuts down illegal businesses

TWO businesses that recently opened in Auki, Malaita Province were issued notices to close down after they were found to be operating without business licences.

Auki Women’s Futsal League continues 

THE Auki Women’s Futsal League continues with its pool matches, Tuesday this week with three matches in total being played.


Dear Editor - I refer to the above title which was the front page article of the Island Sun newspaper of Saturday 12th June 2021. In the article at page 2 of your paper, Deo of AIPF referred to “The client in Naha (aka Robert Lesson) in the social media.” The same article may have also been published in the Solomon Star newspaper of 15th June 2021.

On the matter of the One Link $300,000.00 missing in Police Custody TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands calls for the application of the law of this country across the Board. 

Dear Editor - I write to express my profound concern on the manner some customs and cultures in Solomon Islands treat girls as though they are only good as house and/or home keepers without any exemplary means to recognise and encourage them of their rights to education.

HCC saga, officers with unexplained wealth 

Dear Editor - As one of the senior citizen of Honiara city, I did continue to follow through the various happenings surrounding the operations of HCC under the leadership of the outgoing mayor until to date. 


TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) as do other concerned citizens of Solomon Islands urges the government not to leave the youths hanging in the air, unemployed looking for any opportunities of employment and where they could access the information, they need to present their plight constructively to the government. 

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