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  • 19
  • Jun

Following the successful hosting of the OFC nations cup in Honiara fortnight ago our national team - Bonitos received so much criticism for their defeat and coming fourth in the tournament.

  • 25
  • Jun

COME this Sunday - 1st July, its history in the making for the country as the much awaited and talked about 11th festival of pacific arts (FOPA) will kick off with a bang.

  • 27
  • Jun

The excitement about the 11th festival of pacific arts (FOPA) is mounting.

  • 13
  • Aug

The Festival of Pacific Arts has gone.

  • 16
  • Oct

The incident on Sunday which involved the alleged shooting of an Asian logger near Geza village, North East Guadalcanal sends a message.

  • 08
  • Nov

FOR the first time in the history of this country the government was able to organise a church fellowship program for its public officers.

  • 08
  • Jan

EVERYONE must know that compensation is not an opportunity to extort money or goods from someone or another party.

  • 23
  • Mar

SO our teachers have resumed their nation-wide strike action.

  • 09
  • Apr

THE second teachers’ strike has entered its third week.

  • 03
  • May

GOVERNMENT’S intention to appoint a local to head our police force is not a bad idea at all.

  • 14
  • Jun

NUMEROUS efforts to clean up the capital city have got us to nowhere.

  • 23
  • Jul

Sunday marked the 25th years since Our Telekom started off as a company on July 21st 1988.

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