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Our soccer

30 March 2016

Dear Editor - True to his word the PNG coach is now smiling after beating our boys 2-1 at Lawson Tama.

It was revenge that PNG was looking for.

I watched the final friendly and PNG deserve to win the match because they have played hard and well with good speed throughout the entire match.

From observation during the match, our national team needs to step up their game, improve on fitness and change its playing patterns.

PNG has proven to us that more investment is needed if we are to improve on our soccer.

Yes, we need better fitness centre and SIFF must also look into that.

Its good that the friendly match has allowed the team management to see the weakness and which players that needs to be dropped from the final squad.

Rightly said by the coach Toata Moses, more friendly matches should be done to evaluate our players.

There is still time about a month to make changes improve the team.

Many spectators have expressed their frustration over some of the players’ fitness.

Its time to drop some of them or better still ask them to improve their fitness.

Solomons soccer is on a dwindling end according to the latest rankings.

Therefore, authorities must ensure we pick up on time before the Oceania nations cup in Port Moresby.

To the PNG side, good luck on your campaign.

To our boys, well done for a good showdown with the visiting side.

Go Solo Go!

Majola Junior