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Incite, divide and conquer

31 March 2016

Dear Editor - It  is with CONCERN reading the recent angle now pitched by the infamous SIPA CEO. I am certain that the SIPA BOARD members are confused and mere spectators in the tug of war to win public minds and politicians support. (Read pay board members and promise power and wealth to politicians).

Collin is new to this country but is playing the old familiar tune of US vs THEM ; whether its black against white, Malaitan vs Guadalcanal, Indigenous vs Chinese or Germans vs Jews. 

This twist is a dangerous new frontier in messaging.  We are barely healed after recovering from the old wounds of civil unrest. The burning of China Town in 2006 was a targeted against Chinese.  

The use of indigenous polarises differences and resonates with me a Solomon Islander but I will also highlight that as a Solomon Islander I cannot be blinded by low blow and cheap attempts to get support for a “reform” that is clearly NOT RIGHT.  

GET REAL; The tag line “Indigenous People First” will only separate not unite.  It’s a slippery slope. 

Before Robert Mugabe kicked out the whites and bankrupted his country said he was doing this for the good of the people. Those businesses were taking to much money. 

REFORM has to be inclusive and of all creed, race and religion; I’m not blinded here.

George Ramolo