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Locals support SIPA reform

31 March 2016

Dear Editor – I would like to contribute to the SIPA reform issue as well because others have also shared their views.

I was only forced to contribute based on some criticisms of the reform which I think still resembles people who would be best referred to as the “Peters”.

Peter in the bible is one of Jesus’ disciples who never believe until he sees.

The reform SIPA is involving in must be applauded from all fronts. Some people criticize this and the next moments another thing comes, they will also criticize.

Criticizing is their game. These people in families are those who love to sit back, do nothing but criticize here and there. If you do not believe in this SIPA reform, then better to you don’t open your mouth and talk because you have nothing good to contribute. Most of us locals are now convince we have to adopt such reforms.

The reform as I understand has closed all money making holes where the very few has their hand on. Now they are some of the ones screaming.

Let us leave SIPA to do what they think is best for the country.

Jacob Taketa