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Reflection on the dead and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

31 March 2016

Dear Editor - I was very encouraged by your editorial column's reflection on the reason why God sent His Son Jesus Christ to earth and the reason why Jesus Christ gave Himself up willingly to be nailed to a cross, and the reason is God's great love for us.

Amazing selfless sacrifice of a loving heavenly Father to a spiritually needy world needing a practical example of genuine eternal love.

The story of the Passion week of the love of God doesn't end on the cross neither on the resurrection but a continuity into the glorious presence of God Almighty in heaven. His love is not only described as selfless, sacrificial, understanding, forgiving, amazing and eternal but is victorious. How profound.

Thanks for reminding us again in your paper to remember and put into practice this amazing eternal love.

May I humbly add a prayer for all of us, Solomon islanders residing there in the islands and overseas; to love God Almighty and one another victoriously.


Jonathan Angikimua
New Zealand