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Solomon Games saga – PS make denial

31 March 2016

Dear Editor - Having seen your publication today (yesterday) under the above, I wish to express my disappointment as to how the media reporting.

Your report stated that the Provincial Secretary, Renbel Province had wrote a letter confirming the Province's intention to relinquishing the Solomon game. After seeing that article, I went straight to your office (Point Cruz) and denied that letter to your reporter and request if they could correct that wrong.

I saw your publication again from my premier's comment on that issue. However, while applauded the comment made which confirm the position of the province, still the claimed that the Provincial Secretary had wrote that letter without consulting the premier and his executive was still far from the truth and I wish to correct that statement which was totally wrong.

And I quote “the provincial secretary had in fact written a letter without prior consultation and approved from my executive, thus declaring something that we are not party to... end quote.

As I've said, I know what I am doing, and as was expressed by the premier, if I have to write any letter, familiar and knowing our situation, the sensitivity of the issue, I will certainly seek and consult the executive decision, full stop! 

In actual fact, I was informed later that there was a letter written but from the office of the chief planning, Renbel province, unfortunately my name was used, signed into that letter without my consent.

Again, the moment I realize that the issue was now on that political level (Premier and Deputy Prime Minister) I decided to stay back and wait for any political directive. To that end may I advice that whoever wish to take over and host that Solomon games instead, please do it at your own and leave me alone.

On that juncture, may I registered my apology to my premier and his  executive and the entire public of Renbel Province for that misunderstanding.

Rubin Ngiumoana
Provincial Secretary
Rennell & Bellona Province