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ACOM AB elections, a mockery

25 April 2016

Dear Editor - Please allow me to share some food for thought and views and opinions about the recent election of the ACOM Archbishop.

According to reliable whistle blowers within the ACOM circle it was revealed that what supposed to be a spiritually guided election of our new AB has turned out to involve claims of dirty politics event masterminded by non-other than the ACOM bishops of whom the ACOM church chose to be the representatives of the great ACOM church.

A case in point was what took place during the course of the elections that the likely winning candidate the Rev. Dean of St. Barnabas Cathedral was accused to have misused funds in the past which was a magnificent display of a blatant disgustful lie and a show of disrespect to the innocent Rev. Dean in the presence of the whole Anglican communion in order to swing votes for the candidate of all the ACOM bishops’ choice.

That was done purposely to lure votes to their candidate because they knew too well that their candidate will lose because just at the first round the house of laity already secured 8 votes while the bishops secured 7, and so all that the house of laity needs is just one bishop to vote with the house of laity in order to secure a win for Rev. Dean of SBC.

None of them bishops was willing to vote for the Rev. Dean and so a tie ended up at the fourth round.

That’s when the bishops applied dirty politics and character assassination of the Rev. Dean with rubbish and falsehood which saw one of the members voted in favour of the winning candidate.

A very clear unspiritual event that had tarnished the good name of one of the greatest churches of Christ in the Solomon Islands.

The culprit who made that false allegation was non-other than the ACOM bishop of Malaita so him plus all the bishops and priests who masterminded and screwed up that election must must make an public apology to the whole ACOM community as well as the whole of Solomon Islands.

One other priest who supported the winning candidate was also said to have misused around $25,000 for a fundraising drive.

The $25,000 was taken out by him from funds raised from a two container timber exports to NZ.  The very timber export deal that the orchestrator of that export deal and his wife hid for their own gains and thank God he was later removed.

That dirty deal was what made Rev. Dean to resign from that project because he did not want to bring the integrity of that office into dishonour.

And then bishops also used unqualified nonsense such as; Rev. Dean is not a bishop therefore he is not qualified to be an archbishop.

What a bull and a crap and rubbish because there is no Canon law or rule or clause in the ACOM church that forbids priests to run for the office of the Archbishop, which is also another broad daylight disgraceful lie and devilish tactic to lure votes.

They claim that only a bishop can be elected to be an Archbishop.

Lest we forget, let’s look back into the not too distant past history, if we look back into history, the Archbishop late Norman Palmer was also the Rev. Dean of the same cathedral when he was elected as Archbishop of the ACOM, and that precedence still stands as we speak today.

So guess who’s being going around telling lies and masterminding falsehood during that election?  You be the judge ACOM members and citizens of this country.

How pathetic and corrupt can leaders of a church be?

Those false accusations were raised against the Rev. Dean shows that ACOM members have been misled through dirty politics and corruption.

How can Anglicans ever expect spiritual growth anymore? How can we ever expect spiritual growth when jealousy, disunity and self-serving persists and exists within the ACOM church hierarchy?

It is a very sad day indeed for the great ACOM plus a slap on the face of all faithful ACOM followers and members.

It is a sad affair indeed and a sad situation because ACOM bishops chose to ignore the Holy Spirit and instead they chose to use their own understanding to rig and to manipulate the recent AB election.  My own view of the actions perpetrated by our leaders was because; they have to cheat their way into the highest office of our church by using devilish tactics because them all leaders love to be part of that corrupt practice and nothing is better than having him holding the highest office within ACOM so that they can easily get on with their corrupt dealings unobserved and unpunished.

They have literally played around with GOD’s wrath and it only simply means they are bunch of unbelievers who chose not to believe in GOD and His Holy Spirit but chose to believe in a piece of bread that corrupts.

“Whoever does not believe will be condemned.”-Mk.16:16.

What a shame indeed on the part of our ACOM leaders and I believe that it’s only best and fair that all the bishops and church leaders who have involved themselves in that corrupt practice should all be ashamed of themselves and should all say sorry.

Partiality or taking sides or favouring certain candidates during elections is corruption and is a SIN, lest we all forget what the WORD says about taking sides-“To show partiality is not good, because for a piece of bread a man will transgress,”-Prov.28:21.

“But if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors.”-Jam.2:9.  Hao mas moa time bribery or duress is involved?

No wonder the great ACOM church has been labelled by our own leaders as: 1-a sinking church, 2-a drunken church and 3-a sleeping giant.

Seriously, spiritually speaking; the church is the channel whereby God uses to bless anyone or any nation, i.e.,-“A nation without God’s guidance is a nation without order”-Prov.29:18; and –“Righteousness exalts a nation”-Prov.14:34.


Henry A. Daukalia
ACOM member