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Great effort

27 April 2016

Dear Editor – Good work to the team who took on the system and won in the tax free for politicians.

I bet the pollies vote themselves an increase to cover the tax they should pay.

Why the adjournment to Parliament? Was it because the Bills were not ready for the committee or was it the committee at fault? How much is it costing us in allowances and hotel bills.

Mr Traffic Police no more vehicle registration checks in peak hour please.

I suggest you just look for vehicles that are unroad worthy because of the excessive smoke they are sending out.

Traffic control at the fishing village market would also help.

We know the HCC says it will stop the market there but it never does.

The only way you can get HCC to collect your rubbish is to pay the collectors like the Asian store keepers do at Ranadi.

Drive past piles of rubbish to a gate that opens and the rubbish collected.

J.R Williams