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PMO claims nonsense

05 May 2016

Dear Editor – The statement by the Office of the Prime Minister and cabinet blaming the Parliamentary Independent and Opposition groups of not supportive in the government’s efforts in getting the anti-corruption bill 2016 through parliament was outrageous on the part of the government, and logically it holds no sense at all.

Being a lay person in the rural area, I am astounded that Prime Minister’s Office sees fit to release such cheap and irrational statement when clearly it has the majority of 33 members of parliament to get the bill through.

Strictly, the math does not add up.

How can the opposition and independent groups shoot the bill down when they do not have the numbers? I think DCCG could have come up with a more palatable and convincing reason.

If the government is serious and committed to what it promised to this country, it should bring the bill on and stop throwing the bark on others.

Obviously, this is another political ploy by the Prime Minister and DCC government to turn peoples’ attention from the truth.

In reality, it is the government caucus that is divided over the anti-corruption and whistle blowers bills, fearing for any potential repercussions. This only shows that DCCG are compromising themselves big time.

Therefore, the government has to tell the truth to this nation, rather than fabricating unfounded accusations that holds no basis at all.

The prime Minister and his DCC government has itself to blame.

In that, the nation should insist on the Prime Minister to bring the bills on and pass them, rather than shelving them for the purposes of political convenience to keep his controversial government afloat.

Samson Kikido
Noro, Western Province