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Media errors

21 June 2016

Dear Editor – Please kindly correct two errors which appeared under the article “Ministry unaware of claims” in page 2 of yesterday’s issue (no. 6307),

* Paragraph 2, your report quoted $15 million was paid out to ex-combatants. This is grossly erroneous. The correct amount paid out was $3 million

* Paragraph 6, your report ascribe comments to Permanent Secretary Ministry of National Unity as saying government is trying to implement programmes under the Townsville Peace Agreement.

This is incorrect and misleading. I told your reporter that government is implementing programme under Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report recommendations.

Please correct the above errors so that readers/people get the correct information or message.

I’ve already spoken with your reporter, Eddie Osifelo, and asked him put right the errors made.

I am copying the PM Press Secretariat for their information and note.


Justus G. Denni
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation & Peace