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Ethnic tension related claims

21 June 2016

Dear Editor – As a concerned citizen who has the right to voice out my anxiety about twaddle claims by Ex-combatants [Criminals], Special Constables and the many more, I want to make comments.

I just want to make few comments regarding the claims issued on the Solomon Star [article no. 6307] about the Special constables providing services during the tension.

It's been gazetted that ex-combatants are payed under the DCCG policy initiated and some claims are still payable.

As to my understanding, we cannot pay for peace. It will be a total disgrace to me if one of the ex-combatants or criminals, got payed for traumatising my family or killing my relative during the tension.

Some questions that need to be answered are.

1. Are the ex-combatants [criminals] possessed any licence to kill or steal and to be eligible to claim from the Government? If I am one of them, I should be ashamed.

2.  Are the special constables during the ethnic tension got monthly salary or wages to provide service for the citizens? Or are they volunteering? Or are they employed because of some promises they'll get paid in the future?

3. Are the citizens who are affected during the tension liable to make claims?

4. Do we have more funds for more claims? One thing leads up to another so we expect more claims.

5. Is there a country or aid donor who keen to provide more funds to pay for such claims? Or else is the tax payers pay for the very ones who bring so much to the tax payers?

6. Why did the Government waste $3 million to pay the very ones who bring our economy to its knees?

These are questions that the DCCG need to clarify to the media or public.

Some of the claims are not legitimate and therefore, DCCG or the Government of the day should stop considering such claims.

Enough of this baby sense attitude and start planning on constructive policies. DCCG stop accepting and paying any more claims and stop this foolishness.


Eric Jnr. Sogote'e