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Malaita revenue

05 September 2017

Dear Editor – I am writing this letter concerning the article on Thursday 31st August on page 4 titled "How much Chinese investors contribute to Malaita revenue”.

As a concerned Malaitan, I am seriously concerned that $291,000 per year is  a lot of money contributed by Chinese investors to the provincial revenue.

The three questions I am going to ask the concerned authority are:

1. Where did the money go and how is it distributed for development purposes?

2. Is the money for infrastructure development or other development sectors?

3. The report disclosed records of other payments like rental fees, rates, and premiums payable to the Malaita provincial government. WHY?

As for me, I haven't seen any changes or development in the province.

The roads in Malaita are still the same and the people are complaining about this issue.

As stated in the report the money is not enough.

Chinese contributed  $291,000 per year while it quite seems to me a significant amount of money for the development of the province.

Development doesn't mean to paint a BIGGER PICTURE but it is simply the steps and bit by bit administered by the concerned authority for the benefit of all people.

Finally, all Malaitans and the concerned authorities, please be transparent in the way you handle matters regarding our province and do your responsibilities in a meaningful way for the better future of our beloved province and the country as a whole .

Alex Kabe
Henderson Area