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One thing leads to another

28 November 2017

Dear Editor - Just a personal observation and the views here are without prejudice as they say in the legal fraternity and more.

Recently featured in your paper and other media outlets, there's a campaign going on for gender equality.

At the outset, I must say that I am 100% in supporting gender equality.

No ifs, and no buts!

We all should work together to achieve this in our country.

However, my only concern is as the title stated, "one thing leads to another."

Whether one realizes or not, a harmless campaign for gender equality will lead to the next agenda.

When you have NGOs working to promote such moral and definitely a good cause, one needs to look harder and further, than just the current agenda.

One thing leads to another, and then other gender rights issues will soon pop their heads up.

Eventually, same sex rights such as LGBT rights will certainly be promoted by the very same NGOs that promote gender equality right now.

Before you jump the gun and want to growl at me, I want you to mark my word on this.

It may not be as you want to think, but it won't be long and you'll be in for it.

This is a multi-billion dollar agenda, my friends.

No wonder all aid money being dished out these days have this thread of equality attached to it.

I personally don't have an issue with that, as long as it encourages participation and equal opportunities by our females.

When it gradually attaches to same sex issues or rights, then I definitely have a problem with that.

I'd rather stand with our recent outgoing Prime Minister, and Fiji's current Prime Minister, who have stated that this won't happen during their watch.

One thing leads to another, the tide of pressure from the outside will eventually create or force our leaders to succumb to it.

They have the magic to push this agenda. That is MONEY!

We have been experiencing a cash flow situation in our country during these years, and as we speak right now.

Our nation's welfare system is collapsing as we speak. Why? Because there is no money.

Therefore, one needs to carefully look at this issue and analyse it properly before jumping onto the band-wagon.

It is a moral issue my friends. However, it will come to a stage where even your moral values and beliefs are going to be trodden upon.

The driving force will be MONEY!

One must understand that even now, in this post-modern era, society or the world is dictating to the church what morality is.

Sadly however, church is shying away from standing tall for divine revelation and scriptures in defending and defining what morality is.

While, currently, I am supporting this campaign for gender equality, I want us to look for the next clue to what I have discussed here.

If and when equality for same sex marriage or rights of LGBT is to be promoted, I'd like to ask all citizens of our beloved nation to stand tall against it.

There will be people who will be in the front line promoting this next agenda.

I'd like to say to them, go to hell with your agenda.

This is a Christian country, and we know and understand the definition of what marriage is.

So. till next time, when such agendas pop up their heads, be sober and be vigilant, as the devil is pushing his agenda right under our noses.

Let us pray for Spiritual guidance in such a time as this.


Jackson Ray
Fulton College
Nadi, Fiji Islands