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Bus fare

12 January 2018

Dear Editor – Please publish the following on the above topic:

What's the point?

Whats the increase for?

Do you want a CEO salary?

For smoking and being smelly all day?


The fuel cost is down

Yet the owners want an increase?

Who are these owners?

The Asians in Melanesian skin?


The last time it was alright and smooth

No high blood pressure waiting

And there you go- Kobito to SDA

And demanding a classy fare from an old lady

While she is on her way to White River....


These owners with their dirty and smelly bus...

And smelly children conductors...

Demanding and being proud for making

A fool of themselves....


Can't the SIG realised?

That all private workers and public

Servants arriving late for a few minutes

Collectively is costing the SIG coffers millions

Of dollars paying its workers

When still sitting in the stinging bus...

Owned by mostly foreigners

Here to steal our genes....


Stalin Fiualakwa
East Honiara