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Dictator Su'iaimoana

18 May 2014

Dear Editor - I write to make a brief reply to the very poor response made by the above dictator which appeared in your paper on 17th May.

On the outset, I must tell Mr. Dictator Su'iaimoana that I have no other titles attached to my name and at no time I claimed myself to be a professor.

I felt very sorry for him for not finding a right term for his article, what an academic! Professor will not solve the water and toilet problem at your school, it needs your clear mindset and money to do it.

Mr. Dictator, the issues I raised is not for point scoring in the media. It is a real issue and you have to address it. Whether the water bill was incurred in the previous year, it is your responsibility to pay it up.

No school shall operate without water and sanitation for the health of our children is very important.

Dictator Su'aimoana is enjoying it as he used to live without water at his home at seven up, Tandai, that is why he is not concerned at all.

Dictator ,Su' iaimoana self-praised himself in the media for his achievements in the last few months which is not my issue of concern. My issue of concern is the lack of water and toilet facilities in the school and his poor administration practices.

Challenging your colleagues for fight when you are not happy with them is an inhuman act. As a leader, you should lead with ethics. Furthermore to send your strongest man, (your security) to assault me is again made a laughing stock of your leadership. If you two are too strong, go to Afghanistan, Syria and other places in the middle east to show case you fighting skills.

I am not a thief as you claimed. This is my 24 years of service to government and the people of Solomon Islands. Through my hard work, commitment and honesty, I am now promoted to be your boss. You must be careful because you are under my scrutiny and few other officers we are residing near the school.

I did not intend to spoil you but to help you reset work priorities for the year.

The many chairs gone missing from the school were believed to have ended up at your home at Seven Up, Isn’t that stealing? or building illegally your home on another man’s land like you've done at Seven Up is okay and not stealing? Get your facts right before accusing anyone in the media.

I can continue but my brain signalled to me that' a dog that terribly hit by a flying stone barks loudly in agony' in the same way Dictator Su'iaimoana and defence man, his security, were hit hard by the real issues I raised therefore now making all necessary measures to cover up.

By the way, Mr Dictator, if you need water, welcome to my house as my house is not without water like yours and the school .

Therefore you missed the point again by saying an user of your school water, blame all wantoks from your island.

Finally, even last night (Saturday) your relatives were using the school power, watching Movies all night, is this what you are trying to promote?

Since Mr Dictator Su'iaimoana cannot even understand the importance of water and toilet to human beings, it would be a waste of time discussing with him.

I will now rest my pen here from any more of his childish and baseless defences.

Mr.Dictator Su'iaimoana, best of luck to you and your security officer as you work and your security officer provides protection over you.

John Aonima
White River,