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Mindset transformation courses

18 May 2014

Dear Editor - Good morning and thankyou for this privilege to be able to share some important thoughts with our beloved people of Solomon Islands which we all believe should be able to help equip ourselves in the development of this beautiful nation of ours.

Solomon Islands schools and education system has to consider very carefully the importance of a mindset transformation course which is biblically based.

The world's humanistic schools are diminishing the importance of training the mind in a way which should resemble the mind of Christ Jesus the creator of all things.

Besides a school course for young people, there has to be an adult course as well which should be developed to train adults to reprogramme mindsets to ones which encourage God's Kingdom values and character.

God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit prophetically declared right from the beginning the words, "Let Us make man in Our own image after Our own likeness...", before forming man into a living being.

The point is that if God was the person who created man in His own image, He alone knows best and understands the way in which the body and the mind of man works. He understands how to correct the human body when it is sick and even how to deal with a sick mindset.

This is contrary to what some psychologists and psychotherapists would have thought. I respect them for their great roles and this is not saying that humans are to be left out of performing their duties.

The human education system over the centuries has been compressed to a pathway under a human mindset which is carnal and narrow whilst rejecting the all knowing and the expanding mind of God the creator and the Holy Spirit. Due to this narrow mindedness of man, he/she has been confined to think only in the physical mind limiting 'space - time-matter-energy frame'.

Man has been brought to a very dry wilderness of thinking method under the British education system which we have inherited.

There is no fresh flow of knowledge which can come from the Kingdom of God and the greatest teacher of all who is the Holy Spirit.

What we are saying here is that our current education system is no longer able to tap into the free flow of the wisdom and the knowledge of God. Certain conditions are required for us to do this.

We leave that for the church leaders and pastors only but under the Solomon Islands secular education system it is very much a dry wilderness method.

We have created two separate schools of thoughts. One is for a secular education system and the other is for a spiritual education system. This is a grave mistake. God is the source of all understanding and knowledge.

This paints a very clear picture of the modern mindset today. When God the source of all knowledge and His  spiritual methods of doing things are rejected for a humanistic system, our educated minds will do very little in transforming our nation from corrupt to good.

Solomon Islands mindset has to reconnect itself to the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God has the best school in the world. This is not a joke, mind you. This is truth. It has the best curriculum and can train the mindsets of our young people, married men and adults to become very good citizens of this nation and also for God's Kingdom to  eternity.


Rex Maine
Mount Austen