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West Honiara funding

22 January 2018

Dear Editor – Sometimes between March and May last year three communities at White River area namely Windy Valley, Windy Valley Heights and Forest Valley received $100,000 each from Ministry of infrastructure Development (MID) solely for road maintenance work.

My concern is about how the money is being spent for the purpose it was intended for in those three communities.

As all of us in the communities of Windy Valley and Forest Valley know the funding was given to three men namely John Misitala (chairman of the committee) George Gisi (treasurer) and Robert.

These men called a meeting and assured Forest Valley community the $100,000 will be fully spent on road upgrade and no road construction company will be hired to do the road work instead community members will be paid to do the work, an idea that majority of community members are happy with.

As for Windy Valley Heights the main road that leads to Tasahe A NPF residential area and 01 bus top is located within Windy valley Heights community therefore road work was given to a company and the money was managed by threemen in the community namely Walter Natei , Nathaniel Ofu and Lui.

Sir the concern here by most people in these two communities is after the road works were done any one in his right mind can tell that it is likely that that the $100,000 is not fully spent on road works.

Take for instance for Windy Valley Heights main road a grader was hired to grade the main road only for two days and the grader spent only about 2-3 hours working on the road each day and after that no further work was done to this day.

Anyone can tell the road’s current  poor state needs more work than that and it is really suspicious the money is not fully spent because  to hire a grader to work 2-3 hours for two days as in this case needs only just half of $100,000 or even less.

Concerning Forest Valley as I already mentioned community members are paid about $300-$500 each to do the work by digging drains alongside the road as well to expand its width but due to its poor state more work needs to be done such as compacting the road with gravel so that when it rains the road won’t get muddy as it always happen.

As someone who lives in the community roughly calculating money spent on labour should not even reach half of the $100,000.

Therefore on behalf of the two communities I call on these men to explain  where all the remaining money goes before legal action is taken against them.

Moses Ria
Forest Valley