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Development planning

22 January 2018

Dear Editor – It looks as though the Solomon Islands government has come through a continuous unstable situation since gaining independence in 1978.

This in my view will certainly continue unless certain changes are made to certain functions of the government for certain areas or issues.

One thing which I believe needs changing is the planning of development projects for the country.

May I suggest that planning of various projects must be based on the urgent needs and wishes of the people in the country?

The planning of the development projects in my personal view must be drawn up by an established National Project Planning Committee which must present the people of Solomon Islands.

All permanent secretaries must be members of this committee including government economists, lawyers, doctors, agricultural officers, women, youth and churches representatives etc.

This committee must work closely with the Provincial development committees that I have suggested some time ago in this same paper.

The national planning committee must draw up a development plan according to the needs of the people.

It gives advice to whatever government that comes into office after a national election on what the government needs to do etc... the main responsibility of the government is to provide funds/sponsors for the implementation of any projects based on the advices from the national project planning committee.

There is no need for an incoming government to start drawing up a development plan of its own.

It will never work.

This committee listens to the people first before drawing up a development plan for the country.

Romano Nongebatu