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Critical drug shortage

24 May 2018

Dear Editor – I fear the fate of the lack of critical medicines available on the shelves in our public health facilities. 

I was so proud of the essential social service for health and general wellbeing of our nation. 

But not bear myself the fact that this critical medicine shortage, could have a negative impact on the ordinary lives of the marginalised majority of our tax payers. 

The ministry responsible, its relevant authorities and donor partners, needs every dollar it gets to care for this important critical medicines and caring for the welfare of this nation. 

This Ministry of Health and Medical Services now needs to arrive at a consensus concerning proper rationalization of its procurement procedures for medical supplies and distributions to other sites such as clinics, pharmacies, medical stores and to the public. 

I also believe, that rather than merely offering medical drugs to our public, you can give awareness programmes to the locals and most targeted group of illiterates, in the rural and urban communities to disseminate information and counsel on medicinal drugs purposes, uses and effects. 

I am convinced; in such simple approach of conversation (usim Tok Pidgin Kampens) it could illuminate with positive impact, and could regenerate Honiara and our entire generation of children.

Besides, it could save our nation’s money and resources in terms of proper management and better knowledge on medicinal drug use in general. 

Let’s put such programmes to better use to support those who serve and protect us all in health at great personal value. 

Moreover, despite my suggesting alternatives, I honour the efforts and agreements of those contractual medical suppliers and need this matter to be resolved, the sooner the better, for the public needs these medicines and to know this will have to continue for years to come. 


P. Junioho Beni
Green Valley