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Illegal engagement of Police Band & PRT officers

24 May 2018

Dear Editor – I walked past Police Headquarters at Rove on the morning of 17th May 2018 and witnessed the illegal engagement of both the Police Band and PRT officers to display in front of the Commissioner’s office for a purported Birthday celebration ceremony.

According to information, members of the disciplinary force from these two departments had celebrated birthday of an expat advisor and come out in good numbers from their office and started to do push up on the parade ground counting from finger one to forty eight with their black uniform whilst the Police Band played some music to celebrate the ceremony. 

As such I started to ask myself these following questions;

·         Is it an official program?

·         If so who authorised it?

·         Who own Police Band and PRT officers?

·         Is it a foreign Police Force?

In my view being as a lay person, this qualifies me that in the future I will ask the boys to do the same on my birthday as well since precedence has already been set. 


Francis Maelia
Point Cruz