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Teacher absenteeism

16 June 2018

Dear Editor – A week ago the students of Bokonavera community high school have raised a complaint in the public media about the issue of poor and non-attendance of teachers in the classroom learning periods that contributed poorly towards the students’ academic preparation for the coming national form 3 & 5 exams for this year 2018.

The students have the right in raising those issues because they have been paying for their education in the form of school fees by their parents and guidance.

I belief this is a national issue experienced almost in every school nation-wide.

The non-attempt towards addressing of this matter can greatly deprive the rights of the students towards the potential and quality education that enhance future educational prosperity that also beneficial for our nation in terms of trained human resources that help to mandate the welfare of the nation.

The issue of non-attendance towards classroom lesson periods without good reasons is a negligence of duty and an offence that deserves some forms of discipline measures to be taken by the school administration to control such unacceptable attitudes.

 It doesn’t make sense in keeping teachers that cannot perform but hold on to teaching posts as secured source of income earning while the students learning continue to be victimized.

The best option to be taken by the teachers who cannot be able to uphold the integrity of the teaching profession with poor working attitude is to resign and look for other job opportunities elsewhere thus giving spaces for other potential and proactive teachers who can do better.

The school administration must understand their roles to do the right thing and that is to be proactive in its duties or else teachers may take advantages of its weaknesses that abuse the learning of the students.

 The non-attempt towards addressing teachers absenteeism in our school learning environment only reflects badly on the school administrations  that is non-functional and failed to uphold their roles and obligation when it comes to monitoring and discipline policies of the school that promote quality education.

Any abnormalities that may rise in the school learning environment should be dealt with and answerable by the school administration for the good of the learning of our children.

The education authorities who look after the various individual schools have to assess and evaluate the work of the school administration to make sure they perform to an acceptable standard so that the academic welfare of each school is well managed.

Those young educated elites who wish to go into teaching profession must be prepared to suffer for the good of the nation by meeting challenges such as poor teachers working condition that contributes greatly towards the poor working attitudes that affect performance of many teachers nation-wide.

The issue raised by the Mbokonavera CHS students should be taken in board by Honiara City Education Authority to make sure teachers and administrations provide quality learning deserved by the students in that particular school. 


Jacob Ofasia
Talise Market