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Same Sex Marriage

16 June 2018

Dear Editor – It is coming, watch out, like a tsunami wave, or a devastating cyclone, or a deadly killer shark, like a roaring lion, (though not the devil himself).

But it is approaching and coming very swiftly.

Not many years ago I’ve never heard of it, though it was not absent in the world.

A few years ago we heard it in America and Europe only. Last year we heard it was coming near the Pacific.

During the last few months we heard it in Australia and may be New Zealand.

On Saturday it appeared on front page of SS 6928, 9th/06/2018, the fearful killer moral disease-SSM.

When I saw it, my mind clicked back to when AIDS immerged in the 1980s.

But with this one it is more fearful for it is not just a moral or physical de-factor but spiritual, which means it affects life for eternity.

Sometimes ago I mentioned something about it in the SS private view, but in relation to other issues.

I may not be a prophet but I viewed in the mist that it will soon come to our shores somehow. I fear we might not miss it.

Not merely because it is true and it is coming but more so because we are a vulnerable and risky society prone to copy-cat and easy to fall, for we ‘follow-the-rest’.

And to make things more fragile, under the present state of our nation; weak economically, corrupt socially and politically, and worse still, money hungry, we are more than ready to run for anything.

If not careful, we might be the next in line to fall prey to the most deadly evil in human history.

As a proud to be Christian nation what would be our stand, is the question to be answered before too late.

Our GG as head of state has rightly given the opening remarks as a warning to the nation.

What would the government and leaders of this Christian nation say on such critical issue would be most vital.

We all need to be aware that we are very good at following-the-crowd – flowing with the current, in everything that is being blown around the globe, what I call World Days – World AIDS Day, World Children’s Day, World TB Day, Mothers Day, Father’s, Day and soon Husbands Day, Wife’s Day etc. So as said above we are ripe to fall for anything.

So I fear. In this view SSM is a string of what some called Sodomy, what seen in the Bible with Lot in Sodom. That is the same evil attitude.

Simply man-to-man or woman-to-woman marriage is just so unnatural. In science two negative poles or two positive poles do not attract but repel.

That is a simple common sense example of nature. Further marriage is meant for sex and how can two same sexes fulfill that, is a simple common sense. It is outright non-sense.

For us as a Christian country it would be all wicked as far as Christianity and/or even human moral thought, are concerned.

I fear and I wonder what our nation will be when such an odd thing comes to our society? It’s time we as a nation and especially leaders make good decisions on it.

Not only secular leaders but more eminently, spiritual leaders, and Christian thinking people, what would our stand be if we have to face such a predicament.

It would be very bad, sad and quite hard to make decisions when we are already in a situation.

We need to protect our nation and population and prevent such nonsense and unnatural events from corroding our people.

In medical terms, “prevention is better than cure”. It’s better to stop something before it catches us.

As well as leaders, both spiritual and secular, Christians and good thinking people of SI should rise and take their stand against this would be detrimental moral sickness that will mar the entire world even more than AIDS.

If anything, for me I condemn it.

I would be the saddest person on earth the day I hear SI adopt this SSM thing. 


Roland Wakey
Auki, Malaita



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