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BSP ATM services

16 June 2018

Dear Editor - Can the management of Bank South Pacific (BSP) do something to improve its services.

Monday was very frustrating for many customers who want to access the ATM services especially those in East Honiara.

Since the morning most of the ATMs located at Kukum area and Panatina Plaza expressed their apology because they are not working.

May be there are reasons for this apology.

Only one machine was working at the Ranadi branch where customers have to endure the heat and sun by standing in line just to access the service and withdraw cash.

Please BSP, being one of the largest bank service provider in the country, its important to improve on your services.

If only you had adviced your customers about the lack of services at these ATMs, some of the customers would not waste their time running here and there to check on all the ATM machines.

Please inform your customers through possible means to explain why theres no service. As the main bank service provider in the country use some of the mediums like newspaper, radio, facebook or text messages would be better to inform your customers about the shutdown in services.

In the meantime thanks for your support to serve the people of this nation. 


Rata Dan