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Shortage of Lawyers

16 June 2018

Dear Editor - The recent news revealing that government experience shortage of lawyers is a mistake from those who do planning and scholarship awards to students attending universities under Solomon Islands government (SIG) sponsorship.

I have to raise this because this problem as revealed from the office of the DPP shows that there is lack of planning or ignorance on the part of those who managed the human resource development of this country.

This country has the potential to progress but due to attitude of jealousy, greed, selfish and pride is taking everything backward.

Although we have a lot of university graduates the problem still exist and one wonders why this area in work was not address to avoid such consequences of lawyers’ shortage.

This problem is created by those in the ministry of planning and ministry of education for failing to send more students to do law courses in the university despite having interest in that area of study.

However, we cannot dwell on the stupidity of those poor decisions made in the past but have to move on to address the problem now and the future.

Hence, one of the alternative to address this lawyer shortage is to introduce Law courses in our very owned University (SINU).

It is time we design law courses and offered it at SINU so that more people can do Law studies at our backyard rather than relying on expensive universities abroad to send our students.

It is 21st century and we must offer these opportunities on our doorsteps rather than making things difficult for ourselves.

Gone are the days that students find it difficult to pursue their study careers elsewhere.

Law courses must introduce at SINU the sooner the better.

Please, politicians and SINU management take note of this call.

Thank You once again editors for publishing this letter.


Dennis Leni