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Fishing village market

16 June 2018

Dear Editor - For years there have been calls to close down the Fishing Village market area in East Honiara.

It seems the Honiara city council administration had been powerless to take action.

Its very frustrating each day just to get stuck in the traffic along the Fishing Village market area because vehicles were parking there and people were moving in and out just to do their shopping.

If only the market is closed and relocated it would ease the traffic jam.

So many times lives are being put to risk due to the movement of vehicles.

Something got to be done to get the market out of the area.

Government the HCC management through their MPs and Councillors got to come up with a plan to stop business activities there.

I suggest the government or HCC lease the area next to the Ministry of Fisheries head office which I believe is owned by private businessman.

Reclaimed the sea front and extend it towards the ocean and construct a market area there.

I guess that would help in providing a suitable market site for our local women and men to sell their market produce and even fishermen because the current site is narrow and close to the highway.

Its something to think about as we find ways to address the situation. 


Josh Den Jnr