2018 - Solomon Star News


16 June 2018

Dear Editor – Please publish the following poem:

You come whilst deep asleep

Forgetting your knocking on the slippery metal door

As the plan is to go backward under the floor

While the whole commonwealth are deep


Into legalizing homosexuality into Homo sapiens

Tools of creativity and more into stupidity

Homo sapiens claiming higher order of brain growth

Yet more lower than an emoeba


As the promotion of extinction is now in order

According to the one world order

To remove the useless eaters that populates 

The commonwealths of Nations 


Sodomisation now approved legally

Sticks fighting sticks and spoons face spoons

That structures and functions are in commotions

Not knowing where the active site is located


Promotion of extinction of the next generations

Creating chaos dispensing more energy to flame 

The planet as in the days of Lot and his 3 daughters

His dear into a pillar of salt...probably calcium carbonate


Eaten in the purified form by the natives here

2019 is coming soon so is the 50

Legalising same tool linkage

To promote same sex prostitution into this Nation


According to MDGs and SDGs into global unity

Not according to the rock cast with no hands

But according to the thrown down angelic morning star

The extra-terrestrial beings are monitoring and watching


The realities on this fallen planet

That in the process; being flabergasted

That the Creator is always loving

However, there is a thin lining


That Homo sapiens sapiens should not cross

Humanity is about to cross....in its foolishness

Cast the Rock

That those who standfast  may go home


I am just a stranger here....


Stalin Fiualakwa